Nishanth Gopinathan

Nishanth Gopinathan (born 1973, India) got addicted to photography after seeing the inverted images that appeared on the view finder of his cousin's TLR camera which captured his imagination at the age of 7. Ever since that day, he started composing and framing images in his mind, even when he was without a camera and soon photography became a way of life for him.

Nishanth has been capturing the beauty of the Big Apple for the past 12 years, and through his lens, portrays an entirely different and dynamic perspective of New York City.

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5 Māyā माया
Illusion (3D)
6 Prabha प्रभा
The Light
7 Mṛgaya मृगय
The Hunt
8 Vāstu वास्तु
9 Lila लीला
Rhythmic Play

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